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Oral sex with a sex doll can mimic the feel and movements of human oral sex, providing a higher level of arousal and excitement that may not be achieved with finger sex.

Oral sex involves multiple senses—touch, sight, and even sound (if the doll is equipped with interactive features). This multi-sensory involvement can lead to a fuller, more satisfying sexual experience.

Many sex dolls offer customizable features, including adjustable mouth openings and the ability to simulate different oral techniques. This diversity allows users to tailor the experience to their specific needs and preferences. Some advanced silicone sex dolls feature built-in sensors and motors that can simulate movement and pressure, further enhancing the realism and pleasure of oral sex. When you buy your sex doll, you may want to replace your sex doll with different sex doll heads to make it look different.

Oral sex with a sex doll can create a greater sense of intimacy and connection than finger sex. The lifelike presence of a doll can evoke feelings of intimacy and emotional fulfillment. This will make you feel more exciting than the interaction with real women.


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