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Short Breaks Respite


 Short Breaks Service

Our mission is to help families ensure that the child's needs are recognised and consistently met within the home environment and to support caregivers in making and sustaining positive changes for them.

Our short breaks consist of activities for children and young people with a disability. These activities allow a disabled child or young person to have an enjoyable break away from their main carer, and give their carer a break from their caring responsibilities.  Please contact us to find out what activities or support we can provide as we know that every child, and person with any disability is unique and we can create a  package together to ensure the need is met.

We offer 1:1 short breaks service, Lego therapy club, and sensory storytelling.

Our 1:1 service is a focused service that can be at the weekend or after school for 2-4 hours, this offers parents and carers a short respite knowing that their child is safe. Our staff can work at your house or take your child out to take part and enjoy fun activities e.g cinema, sensory storytelling, lego group, or arts and craft.

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