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Child Contact Services

Supervised Contact

Supervised contact is used when it has been determined that a child has suffered or is at risk of suffering harm during contact. A qualified worker always supervises the contact session between the parent and children. 

A report will be provided.


Supported Contact

These are suitable for families where no significant risk to the child has been identified. Staff and volunteers are available for assistance but there is no close observation or monitoring.

No report will be provided.

Summarise supported contact 

Summarised support is the same as above but a short report will be provided, this type of contact is to bridge the gap between supervised and supported contact

A short report will be provided


This is suitable if you need a safe place to drop or collect your child for contact in the community or use our centre as a meeting point. This is suitable for parents/family members/foster carers who do not want to directly meet the other party but otherwise contact is safe.

No report provided.


Community Escort 

This involves the child and non-resident parent being accompanied on visits to places such as local parks, shops and contact being held at the family home.

A report will be provided.

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