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Where Children Come First

Working with children and families to build a stronger foundation

Flourish Family Centre's primary focus is on family wellness from the inside and out. We provide a combination of services for families that put their needs at the forefront of what we do. We provide child contact sessions in a child center way, ensuring a safe, neutral environment. Our team has a combination of 3 decades of experience in health and social care our unique tailored child contact center is accredited by NACCC.


About Us

Flourish Family Centre has a strong understanding and cares deeply about how important parents and children relationships are, and believes in building and bringing families together in a safe and nurturing way. We offer a neutral place where children can enjoy spending time with their parents and loved ones. Our aim is to facilitate meaningful interactions between children and parents/family members they do not live with but are important figures in their lives.

When a relationship breaks down and parents are not able to resolve their issues it can be a difficult time for everyone, especially a child. Flourish Family Centre would like to be able to support families in this situation.

At Flourish Family Centre our team has a combination of 3 decades of experience in Health and Social Care, We have non-judgmental family workers who are experts in their fields. We have an open and honest work approach. 

Our Room

Our contact room provides a comfortable, cozy,modern, and private space for children and parents to meet in a supported and supervised environment and feel as if youre home during your contact. It is filled with toys, games and activity (if requested) snacks and drinks are provided. We also have a wellness and cinema room that can be booked upon request at no additional cost.

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