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6 Tips For Choosing The Right Bed and Bedding

The bedroom has a significant role in our lives, as we spend one-third of our time there. Therefore, choosing the right bed and bedding, which include mattresses and accessories, is paramount to making your bedroom experience joyful. The selection process starts with the best platform bed frame, followed by bedding and accessories.

In the following article, we will discuss six tips for choosing the best platform bed frame and bedding that can simplify the selection process.

  • Platform Bed Frame Size:

The size of the bed frame must meet your bed space requirements and bedroom space. If your bedroom is small, then go for a multipurpose bed frame and compatible accessories that you can use as per your requirements. Suppose you want to use the bed with your partner and kids, then the bed must be spacious to accommodate the requirements. A king-size, queen-size, or even jumbo-size bed would be appropriate for your requirements. That means the selection is entirely based on your requirements.

  • Go for storage beds

If you don't have a wardrobe or storage space to keep your belongings, a storage bed is always a good option. A storage bed allows you to organize and keep your room neat and clean. Consulting with a platform bed expert can give you an excellent idea of how to select the best storage beds for your room size and requirements.

  • Bed and bedding must match

Whatever the type and size of the platform bed frame, it must match the bedding. Bedding includes mattresses, bed sheets, and bed covers. The color of the bedding must match the color of the interior. The bed sheets must be soft and breathable. If the bed sheets are of inferior quality, within a short period of time, they will fade and bleed while washing. Gradually, it will lose its grace. Therefore, always select the right bedding and accessories for the bed.

  • Select the right mattress.

Be careful about selecting the mattress for the bed. If you have a spring bed, then you must select a spring mattress. Similarly, select a foam-fitting mattress if you are using a slat bed. These are some basics one must know before buying a platform bed and bedding. So, whenever you are buying a new bed frame, try to buy a matching mattress.

  • Cost factor

Quality comes with a price. A best platform bed frame will be more expensive than an ordinary bed frame, but an expensive bed frame is not necessarily the best bed frame. Paying blindly without checking the prices of different brands of the same quality will not be the right decision. Therefore, before placing the order, you must have a good understanding of the cost and quality of the bed frame.

  • Read reviews

If you are placing an online order, then you must read online reviews of the product as much as possible. Those who are planning to buy beds and bedding from showrooms must be physically satisfied with the product.


Bed and bedding must directly complement each other, and the bedding accessories must match the interior of the bedroom. The mattress must match the bed frame, and it must have the required size to meet the utility of the family. You can always search online to select matching beds and bedding. PlatformBedExpert is a prominent online store where you can get a matching bed and bedding accessories.


Make it a point to grab the maximum amount of market information about beds and bedding that can help you make a proper decision to buy the best platform bed frame. If you need any professional advice for selecting the right bed frame, then you can speak to a platform bed frame at PlatformBedExpert. The online store offers exclusive support services for platform bed selection.


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